Lawmen Racing, Inc. (LRI) was established in 2006 with the goal to be a major force in super cup racing as well as focus on promoting its partner sponsors through the powerful world of motorsports advertising.

The name Lawmen Racing was chosen because the owner, as well as many of the past and current drivers are active or retired Police Officers. Their profession in law enforcement carries over to their passion of auto racing, making the combination best described as “The Pursuit of Speed”.    

Lawmen Racing is based on 23 successful years of racing and promotional sponsor experience. Starting with Sprint Cars in 1994 to Legends Cars in 1996 and now Super Cup Racing, the team has had the pleasure of racing and promoting at numerous tracks and sponsor locations throughout the Midwest. The team owner and driver, David Cerer, is also one of the founding members of the American Super Cup Series. Headquartered out of Antioch, IL, Lawmen Racing will continue to participate in the Super Cup Series division. 

Over the past 11 seasons, the team has collected 61 race wins. In 2017, LRI not only continued to race, but also attended numerous car shows, parades, charity fundraisers as well as a number of sponsor appearances. In 2007 and 2008, Lawmen Racing captured back-to-back Midwestern series driving championships! In 2011, the team reigned in its third title, creating a dynasty among Super Cup Racing teams!

For 2017, Lawmen Racing looks to continue its domination of super cup racing as it also takes its partner sponsors all the way to the top. The team has plans to upgrade its program, incorporating the most modern technology available not only to remain competitive, but to stay ahead of the competition. Lawmen Racing will work hard to make this the most productive season yet as it continues to explore new marketing strategies to increase their partner sponsor exposure to the public. 

About Us
Sponsor Package
Lawmen Racing provides 22 years of obtaining and retaining sponsor experience. 

Through the years, this package has helped produce well over $275,000.00 of sponsorship income for just our scaled stock race teams!

We offer not only ways to make motorsports work for you, but we provide you with all the sample forms, brochures, sheets, newsletters, advertisements and contracts to keep you behind the wheel for many years to come. 

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“Lawmen Racing has a passion for the sport of auto racing and conduct themselves professionally on and off the track as they work hard to promote their sport as well as the sponsors who are part of it”. 
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