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06-19-21: With Rockford Speedway being the first race for Lawmen Racing in 2021, the night certainly had it's ups and downs. Upon showing up at the track, having survived the pandemic from last year without racing, the team arrived not knowing what to expect. As the car turned laps at its first practice, it was quickly brought up to speed and found to be very stable. After being told that traditional qualifying would be replaced by using each car's fastest speed from the second practice, we put the hammer down and won the pole award with a very nice lap of 16.806 sec. The invert would eventually have us start in eighth for the fast heat and sixth place in the feature. The fast heat made it tough with some very aggressive driving resulting in the #7 car getting spun as we tried to pass another car who pushed us down in turns three and four. As we later rolled out for the feature race at the end of the night, we knew it was going to be a challenge but we kept our foot in it and stayed with the fast cars for the 20 lap race. After a lot of weaving, rubbing and nearly being run into the turn four wall by the cars in front of us, we reluctantly had to settle for fifth place and the fastest lap time of the race at the end. Upon inspection, we found a nasty tire mark on the left side of the car but the car was in one piece, and that's a positive from a track that can ruin your night if you let it.   

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